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pit bull awareness month

voting to repeal the pit bull ban will not only bring pit bulls into your neighborhoods, it will embolden pit bull owners and advocates. think very carefully about that before you cast your vote.
is this the kind of people you want influencing your laws?

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Aldous Huxley

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Monday, October 13, 2014

reposted with kind permission from da word ninja.

In memory of Joan Kappen

Brande and Emily Coy, Nutterines and worshippers of the Pit Bull Mastiff Mix named 'Patrone' that slaughtered Joan Kappen in 2013.

Allowing Patrone to roam and begin a devastating attack on innocent Joan, when Brande became aware of the horrible situation, as Joan lay scalped, naked, covered in blood and with over a HUNDRED maul injuries to her body, Brande grabbed that Mauler, secured it at home, and then proceeded to change her clothes, wash her hands of Joan's blood, re-do her hair. Then, approximately 30 MINUTES later, she phoned 911, waited for medics to arrive and deal with Joan. She did not sit with the dying woman, hold her hand, whisper words of comfort. SHE ATTENDED TO HER VANITY and SHE CLEANED THE DOG OF EVIDENCE.

Her daughter, Emily, had already suffered in the jaws of Patrone. She had been attacked earlier, and had gone to work with a large bandage on her arm. She told a work-mate that Patrone had attacked her, but shortly thereafter she changed her story. Protectionism of dear Patrone mattered more.

Joan's husband could only recognise his wife from her shoes and her spectacles. "There was not a drop of blood left in her", he said.

During the trial, the jury deliberated and reached a verdict. Both were found guilty. Brande Coy was found guilty of "misdemeanor" negligent homicide. She received 60 days in jail and one year probation.

Her daughter Emily Coy, Patrone's OWNER, who most thought would walk free, received a slightly stiffer sentence of 120 days in jail and one year probation. Both Coys will also have to pay $2,500 in fines.

Joan's husband, Hans, said that he was happy that they both got 'guilty' charges. He spoke of how they BOTH knew that Patrone was vicious. He spoke of his wife lovingly, saying "not only did I lose my wife, but my best friend. And also, Arkansas lost a woman that devoted her life to helping others."

How UNLIKE the Coys could the Kappens be? Good people, decent people, gentle people, yet fate brought them into the deviant and defiant world of the Coys and the dog they both worshipped, Patrone, litter-mate of the dog that killed little Ayden Evans in June of that same year.

Light sentences perhaps, but what a fall from grace. All the hand-washing in the world, perhaps until Hell freezes over, will not restore those women to a state of innocence and cleanliness from guilt. Wherever they go, they will remain what they are. People will shun them. People will KNOW them. And perhaps, they will know themselves. THAT is true punishment.


The Tale of Patrone the Pit Mastiff


Patrone was a dog, and a very fine boy
Of muscles and satiny coat, a real joy
to his doting fur-mommies he was just like a child
But Pat was a dog and they thought he was mild...

Those Mommies they pouted, they preened and they posed
Whilst the Bull doggy heart of poor Pat was confused.
They wanted a lap-dog, a lover, a mouse
So they loved on this Mastiff as one would a spouse
Pat slept in their beds as a good lover should but
Sometimes he bit them and tasted their blood.
Now blood to a Bull dog is honey and wine
To the palate of man when he sits down to dine
Patrone got a regular taste for the stuff
To the point where it seemed he could not get enough,
And he sent his fur-mommy to work cut and bruised
She said he had bit her, but then got confused
and said she was savaged by canine unknown
So Patrone the Pit Mastiff stayed cosy at home...

We cannot blame Pat in the heart of this story
Although his finale was bloody and gory
His fur-mommies loved him, their precious best boy
Of muscles and satiny coat, a real joy.
The people nearby locked their doors and their gates
The fur-mommies said they were just full of hate
For their Pat was a sweetheart who'd lick them to death
And not some foul beast who would steal their last breath...

This story must end as most fairytales do
When princesses frown and their crowns go askew
Reality beckoned one day for Patrone
When his resident Mommy did something so wrong
And opened the door for the Mastiff to roam
Not safe in a yard or watched from their home
Big Pat took a tour of the streets in deep joy
The pride of his fur-mommies and their bestest boy
Their licky-lick lover and gentle sweetheart
Took a shine to a stranger and tore her apart.
He took Bull dog kisses of cervical spine, and
he opened her throat to release the rich wine
He chewed on her legs and took flesh from the bone
Quite simply forgetting his Mommies at home,
Quite simply remembering all that he was,
Patrone, my dear friends, was a Pit fighting dog,
No lover, no daddy, no lap-dog was he
No bed-sharing, joy-giving, life homily
Patrone the Pit Mastiff with blood on his teeth
And his tail wagging hard in genetic release.

The moral contained in this tale is quite clear
If you look and you learn and you hold your life dear
You stand with your canine as mistress or master
You make him your child, you court a disaster
You choose your pet wisely and always avoid
Those dogs with the teeth, and the muscles, the maws,
The deep-chested, dead-eyed, goof-grinning jaws....
You'll look, really look, and you'll know what you see
Is purpose-designed with a dark history
Ignore it, deplore it, explain it away,
And call it a sweetheart for all and a day
And bed it, and love it, and praise it as mild
And smooch it, caress it, and call it your child
But that dog is a Fighting Pit Bull Dog, and thus
It is all that it seems, and it is as it looks.


Patrone was removed from the scene of his crime
And his fur-mommies wept at the thought of the time
That their poor boy would spend in the pound, all alone,
Pining and yearning for love, life and home,
But this does not end very well for Patrone...
The Pit Bull Dog Mastiff did not use his brain,
And could not exert normal canine restrain,
He bit his assessor, got labelled as crazy
And now, like most Pit Bulls, he's pushing up daisies.


Rest in Peace, Joan. You will not be forgotten.



Saturday, October 11, 2014

welcome new blogger

Dick Johnson launched a blog after a pit bull savior is exposed as a hoax.


Tauwana Madison Shafer Laue


They tried to take my kid
they did, they did
It's burned all in my head
how many ways can it be said
that my lil baby should now be dead
It happened right here....or here..
I'm a little upset cause uh all the bad fear
When that ice cream truck or van drove near, an out jump a white man
in kidnapping gear
Hey! You not one uh my Baby Daddies! I hollered in fear,
and down my face trickled a stolen-kid tear,
a tear you can see here as a big and wet pavement smear
And then...! Herpes, my pit bull, he gone on the attack
An that white guy got whiter under that ski mask all black
All uh this true, none of it be flack,
He also said his name out loud..and it be...uh...uh...Carjack!
So now you got them facts all straight,
A pit bull save me an my poor child
The van an the man the camera don't show
cause the attack was so fast and wild
like a blur too fast for the human eye
an you know it's true cause I's tryin' to cry...
now I'll take Herpes the Hero back home, that's no lie
I think you're done with notes and questions, if none uh you wants to die
Thanks for your concern and interest
Get outta ma way. Buh-Bye.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Longmont Humane Society is Killing Pets and Hurting People Across the Country

The pit bull that killed a pomeranian on a streetcar in Portland is the third reported pit bull adopted from Longmont Colorado Humane Society to have attacked people and pets.  Two of the pit bulls killed another dog after being adopted from Longmont Humane Society.  Two of the pit bulls had known aggression issues before being adopted.
Lady and her life's blood spilt by a LHS adopted pit bull
Is it humane to adopt out predatory pit bulls that kill our pets?
One of the attacks included an attack on a human.  And one attack earned Longmont Humane Society the dubious distinction of being the first Humane Society to be fined for allowing a dangerous dog to attack ie - being an irresponsible pit bull owner. At the time they received their dangerous dog ticket, an investigation revealed that a whopping 16% of the dog bite reports in Longmont were from dogs adopted from the LHS.

Only three of these can be found in the news:
2014  Pit bull taken onto public transportation in Portland OR immediately killed a pomeranian inside the street car in front of horrified passengers.  Police tracked the pit bull's history by means of a microchip and discovered that it had been adopted from the Longmont Humane Society TWICE.  LHS was aware that sometimes the pit bull didn't get along with other dogs when they adopted it out.
2013  Longmont Humane Society places pit bull that had been designated "dangerous" in another county in foster care in the community of Longmont because they felt they had "rehabilitated" it. It then attacked a dog and a person, just as it had done several times before.  Longmont may be the first Humane Society to be fined for allowing a dangerous dog to attack.
2012 A Longmont pit bull killed small dog being walked on a leash.  The pit bull had been recently adopted from the Longmont Humane Society.  Apparently, the new owner was told that the pit bull had attacked another dog in the shelter, but then they said the pit bull was only "dog selective" when in fact the pit bull has high predatory aggression.
Anguished owner of a pomeranian killed by
LHS adopted pit bull
Is it humane to cause this anguish in a grandmother?
With that kind of track record, you'd think Longmont HS was some kind of crappy, underfunded, unmanned, neglected animal control center housed in a dank, old forgotten shed.  But no, LHS is renowned among pit bull advocates as a place that will take in dangerous and aggressive dogs from other locations around the country and "rehabilitate" them for adoption into Longmont and neighboring communities.  Aimee Sadler who created and ran this program at Longmont and is a superstar in dangerous dog training circles, left her position at Longmont just before they were ticketed for being a dangerous mauling pit bull owner.

Sadler seems to have taken Leah Purcell's place as the person who can magically rehabilitate aggressive dogs.  Leah Purcell was idolized as a magic worker until it was discovered that she had horribly abused pit bulls for years by warehousing all these unadoptable "only dog aggressive" pit bulls in crates while lying to shelters about their rehabilitation and subsequent happy-ever-after adoptions.
Longmont Humane Society will take dogs with behavior problems off any shelter's hands for $1,000.  (I believe Purcell only charged around $750)

LHS imports quantities of street dogs from Houston as well, and they claim they do not have behavior problems, and show only puppies of the non-pit bull variety for the article.  If you believe they're not finding or importing pit bulls from the Houston area, I have a boxer mix to sell you.

Sadler's program sounds like a wonderful enrichment program that would work well with normal dogs stuck in a shelter for long periods.  It centers on creating outdoor playgroups for dogs to run around together burning off energy and interacting with each other.  Her theory is that shelters can carefully select compatible dogs who get along together in a group, introduce a less well adjusted dog into the group, and under supervision, allow the socially competent dogs to teach the troublesome dog how to behave.  This is on top of the daily outdoor exercise these play groups afford to help keep shelter dogs healthy and sane. This is combined with individual training for the dogs.

This sounds great as long as the shelter is well-funded, has plenty of competent volunteer trainers and the population of dogs consists of mostly well-adjusted dogs that can't get adopted with only a few problematic dogs.  Sadly, Longmont Colorado exists in the real world where most shelter dogs are pit bulls.  Even more sadly, Sadler seems to think she can run off genetically determined predatory aggression as well as extra energy and train away genetically controlled impulses to attack anything that moves.  She claims her program allowed Longmont Humane Society to adopt out 92% of their dogs, but neglected to mention how many of those dogs went on to maul, maim and kill pets and people in the community.

She left the Longmont HS shortly before it was slapped with the fine for allowing a dangerous pit bull to attack.  She's moved to Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation in New York and runs her Dogs Playing for Life program in which she spreads her techniques around the country. And she is a darling of Nathan Winograd, Maddie's Fund and Animal Farm Foundation support comes with big cash.

Look at the partner shelters!

There's Austin Pets Alive! - When Austin recently went No Kill, Austin Pets Alive partnered with the publicly funded shelter to take the "overflow" of pets and to take the "large dogs with behavior problems", apply Sadler's techniques and adopt those dangerous large dogs into the Austin community.  Reported dog bites went up an incredible 35% when No Kill practices were adopted and the focus became adopting out as many pets as possible.  That did not stop their shelters from quickly becoming stuffed to the gills.

Reading the comments sections of the various articles on LHS adoptions gone wrong shows Longmont residents are both aware of and sick of No Kill and the superstar Aimee Sadler's program.  It is obvious that the people at Longmont Humane Society need some very close supervision and some instruction about what the word "humane" means and how to implement a humane mission for first people, and then pets.

Reported Longmont adopted pit bulls that attacked:
Officer works to send killer pit bull to Colorado 
Let's Help Summer Get to Longmont Humane Society!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

to tell the truth and shame the devil

“There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and shame the devil.”
~Walter Lippman, a real journalist

The Huffington Post is at it again. They don't even try to pretend to be objective in reporting the "news". In fact, every time someone sends me a link to a pit bull story on HuffPo or the PuffHo as I have come to think of it, they appear to have crossed the line from journalism into public relations even further. I'm convinced that they would not recognize journalistic integrity if it kicked them in the pants.

The most recent attempt to polish the turd image of america's gripping dog comes in the form of a vicious attack on Merritt Clifton and the dog attack data he has been tracking for 30 years. It is much easier to shoot the messenger than transform that ugly message into something that does not scare the hell out of the average american.

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER based his scathing analysis on an impromptu video recorded "interview" of Clifton last summer by the nutters three: JOSH LIDDY, JEFF THEMAN and KIM WOLF. The video opens with a question from WOLF. You only need to suffer through the first minute of these nutters trying to play gotcha! for the purposes of this piece.

KIM WOLF: "Can I ask you a question in the meantime while you are shutting that off?"

Brenda Barnett: "Sure"

KIM WOLF: "I'm curious about yer um statistics cuz I'm a geriatric social worker, so public safety n, n, reducing risk is very very important to me cuz I work with the vulneral set of the population but I'm curious why yer statistics have never been peer reviewed, especially by..."  
i thought phonetic spelling was appropriate here;-)

Merritt Clifton answers: "Actually, they have been. They have been. I'm in over a hundred peer reviewed publications."

KIM WOLF: "In a scientific journal?"

Merritt Clifton: "That is correct."

KIM WOLF: "The AVMA publication that recently came out is contradicting what you've said."

Merritt Clifton" "That article is actually authored by paid professional pit bull advocates."

More on that AVMA publication later, for now, I'll focus on Clifton's answer, "I'm in over a hundred peer reviewed publications."

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER'S critique is based on Clifton AUTHORING over 100 peer reviewed articles. DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER twists Clifton's words,"I have more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications." That is an incredibly brazen lie but you don't need to take my word on this. Just click on the link that DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER so generously provided and decide for yourself.

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER then goes on to include the opinions of four highly educated experts that he consulted to deconstruct the statement, "I have more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications." Not surprisingly, their comments were harsh and they should be harsh, if that was what Clifton actually said. When I read this HuffPo propaganda piece, I assumed the four experts were unwilling dupes in DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER'S smear campaign. I assumed that he deliberately misled the four experts in much the same way that he is deliberately misleading the over emotional politically correct liberal readers of the HuffPo. Then I googled the experts.

I decided to google them and post their faculty websites with contact information with the hope of creating some discomfort for being manipulated by DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER and just maybe the four experts would pressure the HuffPo for a retraction and an apology to Clifton. You know, cuz of all that academic integrity they have and need to maintain. But as I googled the experts, my position began to shift.

Let's meet DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER'S cadre of expert dupes.

Dr. Mark Hogarth, Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University
(note there is a misspelled word on this prestigious university website)
Nothing I found on-line was cause for concern but I had to ask myself, of all of the professors on the North American continent, why was this particular professor consulted?

Rafael Newman, translator for hire with a PhD from Princeton
Rafael Newman was the first of the four to set my spidey sense a-tingling. Newman attended high school and college in Canada, so I assume he is Canadian. His linkedin page states that he is a freelance writer and while he lives in Switzerland, his phone number is Canadian and his email is German. Newman seems to be a rather obscure character and an unlikely candidate for this job. I found myself thinking, Why him?

Professor Amy Kaler, Sociology, University of Alberta
Amy was my fave. There she was in all nutter glory, facebook friends with DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER. Yeah, I suppose she could have been duped... nah, never mind.

Professor Michael E. Harkin, Anthropology, University of Wyoming
Again, nothing I found on-line was cause for concern except for his connection to Canada, I must ask myself, WHY this particular professor?

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER has an expert statistician at the ready to inspect Clifton's raw data. I would like to encourage Clifton to do just that on one condition, that the evil genius KAREN DELISE fork over her raw data for scrutiny as well. The expert statistician, Mike McCaffrey of the University of Toronto does not appear to have personal ties to DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER but I did notice that McCaffrey is a softie when it comes to dogs but geese, not so much.

Mike McCaffrey,  Lecturer at the Faculty of information who specializes in reference work and government information, University of Toronto

I saved the best for last, the article authored by paid professional pit bull advocates.

I will cherry pick a few gems and comment.
"The study found that "Most DBRFs (dog-bite-related fatalities) were characterized by coincident, preventable factors; breed was not one of these."
The study FOUND exactly what it was looking for and breed was not on the list. This is really not hard to understand. Look, if the cattle industry funds heart attack or cancer studies and they don't design their study to LOOK at meat as a possible culprit, they won't find it. This is not rocket science man.

If you watch another couple of minutes of the Clifton video on Josh Liddy's blog, you'll see him refer to this very paper: "That article is actually authored by paid professional pit bull activists."

That's a pretty serious accusation. Liddy sounds unconvinced. So let's examine it.
BRAVO DOOFUS! Although not verbatim, I'll give you points for accurately conveying the meaning of Clifton's statement! But yes, LET'S FUCKING EXAMINE THAT. And thank you for linking to it, you saved me a step.


The evil genius needs no introduction.

He has been on Berkey's payroll for as long as Clifton has been collecting dog attack data.


The lead authors on this article are Gary Patronek VMD, PhD, and Jeffrey J. Sacks, MD, MPH. Dr. Patronek's PhD is in Epidemiology. Dr. Sacks is an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: the official body in the United States devoted to the study and containment of epidemics. Sacks writes about dog-bite issues not simply for JAVMA, but for the CDC itself.
Sacks WROTE about dog-bite issues for the CDC. PAST TENSE. It has been over a decade doofus.
Clifton's charge is that an epidemiologist with the CDC -- a doctor tasked with the study of dog-bite prevention, nationwide -- is for sale. And has been bought by crazed dog lovers bent on making America less safe.
Well, Sacks is working with Jane Berkey puppets, DELISE, CLEARY and MARDER, so I'd say that is that is a very real possibility.

ANTHONY DOUGLAS COOPER is just one of the huffington post's many shameless whores for pit bulls.

Arianna Huffington, wtf are you doing over there? Your schlog has begun to resemble the tobacco industry's public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton.

some interesting reading:
Principles of Journalism Pew Research

A rather negative book review on Animals 24/7 of Galunker, pit bull propaganda whose target audience is preschoolers written by none other than DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER.
hmm... is it possible that someone has an ax to grind?

postscript If NCRC's PUBLISHED mission statement is "preserving the human-canine bond" what do you suppose their UNpublished mission statement is? Three guesses.

Friday, September 12, 2014

by any means necessary

and a knife can be a pretty darn effective means.

C. U. Next Tuesday Marabito of the infamous "a ladder killed darla napora" theory has credited lil ole me with the "murder" of the mutant gripper in a georgia petsmart known as CLARA. if ONLY i had that kind of reach! seeing how i only have 3 readers, it seems highly unlikely that the man who courageously stepped up to the plate and saved his dog from the petsmart gripper would be one of them.

we all know that we are not dealing with the most intellectually or ethically gifted bunch when we swim in nutter waters. let's look at the ultimate violent act of murder, ie homicide. these acts are not all the same. anyone who views them as equal is either lying or stupid. homicide takes one of three forms: 1) a deliberate act committed with malice, 2) a negligent act, and of course my favorite 3) a JUSTIFIABLE act aka self-defense.

what these pit bull fanatics and no kill zealots do not want to admit is that people have a moral and legal right to defend themselves and their family against aggressors using lethal force if necessary. but as all three of the readers of this blog know, the nutter world view is not a reality based one. in their psychopathic world view, their purpose bred mutant gripping dogs should be freely allowed in society to instigate violence against OUR family members AND they expect us to stand back and passively watch the carnage. well, i say fuck that.

predictably, the cyber nutters have formed a flash mob and are trying to portray the georgia man as having committed the first type of murder. they claim he walked into a petsmart full of children (gasp!), began swearing at the idiot holding the leash of the mutant CLARA and then launched an attack on the poor misunderstand wiggle butt. yeah. right. what's that saying? i have a bridge to sell you.

the georgia man did not kill the mutant CLARA, nor is he responsible for her death (i'll cover that in the sequel). but for the sake of the argument let's say that he did or was. i know, i know. this is dangerous territory i am wading into given the limitations of the pit bull/no kill zealots ability to think critically. IF the georgia man was responsible for the death of CLARA, the act would clearly be considered of the third type, JUSTIFIABLE homicide. the man merely RESPONDED to the aggression initiated by the mutant gripper. his behavior should be viewed as an honorable act of the defense of a weaker being. instead, the nutter freaks are doing their best to portray him as a crazed killer.

i am vegetarian. i hold many views about animals that are consistent with the animal rights philosophy. i also have zero respect for pacifism. pacifism is not reality based. it is a naive philosophy for idiots. i consider myself a non-violent person, non-violent in the sense that you never see me as the aggressor, the instigator of violence. you will never see me encouraging people to take pre-emptive action against mutant grippers. threaten me or my dog, and i will not back down. canine or human, attack me or my dog and i will do my very best to fuck you up. and that is the advice i give people. i have no respect for able bodied adults who refuse to come to the defense of their dog when under attack by mutants, canine or human.

to the man in georgia, i say, well done sir. you had an obligation to provide for your dog and you took your obligation seriously. you rose to the occasion and courageously defended her at great personal risk to yourself. and now you are being harassed and threatened by the cult of crazy when you deserve only praise and respect.

and in other rise to the occasion pit bulldog stabbing news...










new york





british columbia





south carolina


new mexico

washington (video)

more stabbings at safety before pit bulldogs

pit bulldog attacks inside petsmart and petco

wise words from a dogman...
I didn’t used to see much danger in one that was vicious, I knew a Bulldog could hurt a man but I don’t think I realized how bad, I wasn’t afraid of one. Now I’m a lot more wary of a maneater, they really can hurt you, even kill you. I honestly don’t believe that a grown man could get a sixty-five pound Bulldog off without a weapon, if it decided to attack him. LESTER HUGHES, Old Mountain Man Kennels 

dog fighters recognize the danger. "haters" recognize the danger. it seems that the only people who do not recognize the unique danger that pit bulldogs present are pit bull owners and advocates.

Gandhi's thoughts on pacifism, violence, non-violence, self-defense. brace yourself, this will surprise you.

I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.

My creed of nonviolence is an extremely active force. It has no room for cowardice or even weakness. There is hope for a violent man to be some day non-violent, but there is none for a coward. I have, therefore, said more than once....that, if we do not know how to defend ourselves, our women and our places of worship by the force of suffering, i.e., nonviolence, we must, if we are men, be at least able to defend all these by fighting.

I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully.

Though violence is not lawful, when it is offered in self-defence or for the defence of the defenceless, it is an act of bravery far better than cowardly submission. The latter befits neither man nor woman. Under violence, there are many stages and varieties of bravery. Every man must judge this for himself. No other person can or has the right.

Not knowing the stuff of which nonviolence is made, many have honestly believed that running away from danger every time was a virtue compared to offering resistance, especially when it was fraught with danger to one's life. As a teacher of nonviolence I must, so far as it is possible for me, guard against such an unmanly belief. the only honourable course where there is unreadiness for self-immolation.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

sneak preview

The setting for this adventure is the middle of the okeefenokee swamp. Literally in the swamp. The lights were strung over the dog pit suspended from tree limbs and run by generator and yeah somebody did live there.

The hundreds of photos I shot over the years were quite accurate but could never really convey the atmosphere. Imagine if you will approximately 100 people sitting on cobbled together bleacher eating, drinking and smoking waiting word from the promoter.

This show was being staged by my buddy the illustrious Harry Hargrove who at the appointed time stepped over the pit wall to make " the announcement." Back in the day all shows where prefaced by the promoter giving a brief speech.

"We're getting ready to have a dogfight here tonight (whistles, cheers) so if there's any sheriff's department, ATF, Treasury agents or humane society here I want you to stand up and identify yourselves (no one does, duh) . I see some people here tonight that I don't know so I'm going to point to them and somebody tell me who they are (all eyes scrutinize the crowd).

At this point my somewhat warped sense of humor kicked in. I turned to Carolyn Hand who was sitting to my left and asked, "you don't think anybody like that's here tonight do you?" She leaned close and (sotto voce) said "oh honey you never know who might be sittin next to you at one of these things anymore". She then assured me that if there was the men would handle it so I shouldn't worry.

After ascertaining that no undesirables were present the matches commenced. There is no way to convey the atmosphere. The smell of wet dogs, blood, beer, b.o. and the all pervasive miasma of redneck moron overlaid with barbeque is beyond description. Bets are being called with odds, some are taken while others are countered. A half kilo coke deal goes down not ten feet away while two dogs grapple and swap out holds.

I'm in my own little world bounded by the viewfinder of my trusty Nikon. The owners want pics if their dog wins or shows game.  Jack Kelly will publish them in the Sporting Dog Journal along with the match reports Carolyn will submit. Kelly is absent from this show, the dogs are average, no one going for a title tonight so he'll get the report and photos in the mail.

The matches go as expected until number six. Two fast mouthed fast footed bitches both looking for their first win fight wall to wall. This match went about forty five minutes before one quit standing on all fours.

After number seven is done it's time to convoy out of the swamp and down to the nearest all night diner for breakfast. It's only around two and sitting around for the post show dissection is always rewarding.  We take the three largest tables in the place and begin evaluating the dogs, the handlers, the gate and the crowd. These post match parties usually last an hour or more and something I always found quite productive.

I now have additional names to go with match handles. The guy sitting across the pit from me wearing three different plaids is from N.C. and a friend of Robert Bass. His kid is pre vet at UNC. That'll come in handy for everyone. The dogs this night had required no urgent post fight care, they just weren't that good. He and I will meet again in the not too distant future.

Finally it's time to go. After I leave the parking lot I spray myself with air freshener. The cloying smell of dogfight has permeated my clothes and I've no desire to spend the next few hours with it in my nostrils. Tonight the Doors, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin ride with me over an empty rolling two lane road. It's very cold, sever clear with a full moon riding west. Frost sparkles like diamonds on cut over fields. The songs, the solitude and the night are really quite lovely, it's a good drive home.